A3M V2.0 Tying Machine

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A3M V2.0 Tying Machine

The A3M V2.0 tying machine is an electric tying machine that allows you to tie 3 times faster.  If you have a vineyard or an orchard, you can already imagine why this tool is so valuable.  It uses a soft steel wire that is available in three different gauges that are strong enough to hold up for the season, but also break down after a year at pruning time.   The battery life allows for approximately 7,000 ties and tying time is less than .4 seconds.  This highly efficient machine will pay for itself in the first season by cutting down your operation costs.  It also is covered by a two year warranty and is backed by INFACO's excellent service & repairs. 


Complete A3M Set comes with a tying machine, charger, one 12V battery in belt, and holdster.  Includes one spool of 0.466mm wire