• Compost Tea Catalyst

    Unique blend of ingredients formulated to stimulate diverse microbial growth during aerated compost tea production. Contains seaweed extract, humic acid and mineral powder, an array of select botanical ingredients and no simple sugars. Features Catalyst...

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  • Excell-AC/DC High Capacity Compost Toilet

    The Excel AC/DC is a standard 115 volt Excel unit, but with 1" safety drains at the rear and dual (2" and 4") vent stacks.The unit uses the regular 2" vent when 115 Volt power is available and defaults to the 4" NE vent when it...

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  • Excell-Compact Medium Capacity Compost Toilet

    The Compact is an elegant low profile unit with the looks to complement any bathroom. Sun-Mar engineers designed this low profile toilet by developing and patenting a new variable diameter Bio-drum which is small at the front and large at the rear. To...

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  • Excell-Electric High Capacity Compost Toilet

    The Excel is a high capacity Bio-drum toilet that is very simple to operate, features well proven technology and is extremely reliable. The Excel was the first ever self-contained composting toilet to be certified by the National Sanitation Foundation...

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  • Sun-Mar

    SunMar200 Composter

    SUN-MAR's NEW Garden Composters incorporate a patented double drum Autoflow design. With Autoflow, material goes in the top and compost exits out the end as the drum rotates. As the drum rotates, compost moves along the outer drum and then back...

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