Longboy 360 12-Foot Folding Pole Saw

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Longboy 360 12-Foot Folding Pole Saw
This pole saw, designed and built to stand up to daily use by professionals, can be extended out to a full 3.6 meters using two telescoping tubes. A rubber safety sheath for the blade is included. The aluminum pole is robust, and can be adjusted to any desired length. The saw has two systems to lock in the desired length: one with a spring button that provides an absolutely solid fixation, the second with a robust external clamping lever. The oval cross section of the poles provide maximal strength and stiffness. The saw blade can be guided precisely, even at full extension, because the shaft bends very little, and the sections cannot twist inside each other. Anyone who has had to work with an extension saw with wobbly linkages, or where the head twists around while cutting, will immediately appreciate this saw. The grip is encased in rubber, and ergonomically designed. Comes equipped with a sheath that securely locks to the lower pole when folded. Limited lifetime warranty against defects in material and workmanship High-tech 360mm (14-1/5 inch) length chrome plated blade 2 -Extension (3 poles) model that extends to 12 feet Extension range 4.8_ to 12_ (1,400 to 3,600mm) 7 teeth per 30mm (6 teeth per inch) Maximum working reach 16 feet Weight 1,950g (4.3lb).