Mexican Bat Guano 5 lb

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Mexican Bat Guano 5 lb
Sun Leaves Bat Guano is offered in the ready to use condition, thoroughly aged to the vintage state of a good natural fertilizer. It can be used inside or outdoors for all living plants, is non-toxic to people and pets. The natural fertilizer supplies fast and slow release nutrients to the biological system. Apply the pure guano in smaller amounts than ordinary barnyard manure. Applied as a top dressing and worked into the soil or mixed with water and applied, guano will have a dramatic influence. Hydroponic growers, in contrast to norma fertilization, are finding that guano and water are a natural alternative to chemical solutions.

Guano can be blended with topsoil before laying sod or grass seed and while planting trees and shrubs. Add guano to your container growing mix for a supercharged potting soil. Create a "guano tea" and apply it directly to plant roots in a fortified water dilution.                            

Use Mexican high-nitrogen bat guano for growth.