Mini-Mini 2 for Metal

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Mini-Mini 2 for Metal
Small compact hand saw with a 6-inch fixed blade for fine cuts in a variety of materials (thin wood, plastics, and nonferrous metals). The teeth, which cut on both pull and push strokes, have the same profile on all three MINI-MINI2 models. The "wood" version utilizes proprietary Silky 4-RETSUME (Four Rows of Teeth) Technology. Teeth are set in such a way that there appears to be 4 rows of them. The "wood" and "plastic" versions have about 20 teeth per inch, the "metal" version - about 36 teeth per inch. In a field testing, the metal version cut through the barrel of a felt-tip marker in 8 strokes and left a smooth surface behind. Non-slip rubberized handle provides a sure and comfortable grip. Great for DIY and professional model makers. Comes in a blister pack. Blue plastic blade cover is included. Made in Japan.