Starter Homeopathic Kit for Plants - 14 remedies

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Starter Homeopathic Kit for Plants - 14 remedies

Homeopathic preparations only for plants and soil with tips from our experienced expert, Christiane Maute

- Aconitum 200 C: Effects of frost, cold wind, drafts. Leaves look gray to silvery gray.
- Arnica 200 C: Cuts, repotting, damage, general strengthening of the plants by “flushing through” the plant's vascular tissue.
- Belladonna 200 C: After frost followed by strong sunlight, scorching by sun, heat damage. After scorching, the leaves can even develop brown “blisters.” The leaves then look red-brown.
- Cimicifuga 30 C: Aphid remedy (also very good for hibiscus)
-Helix tosta D 6: Night snails
- Ignatia 30 C: Neglected plants, good strengthening remedy for very sensitive plants. The plants are easily “offended.”
- Natrium sulphuricum 30 C: Brown rot in tomatoes, peach leaf curl, fungal infestation > after rain
- Petroleum 30 C: Scale insects (for example, philodendron, laurel, lemon and orange trees, other plants with tough leaves)
- Psorinum 200 C: Small, weak, puny plants that do not thrive, general pest infestation
- Rhus tox 30 C: For acute black spot, leaf spot disease, fungal infestation
- Silicea 200 C: Tender, puny, weak plants. Developing and strengthening of plant cell tissue, with the effect of reducing plant diseases. Neglected plants.
- Staphisagria 200 C: After cuts, for aphid infestation
- Sulphur 200 C: Developing and strengthening, fungal disease, neglect, all kinds of pests. Water uptake is disturbed ;need much water but do not make good use of it.
- Thuja 30 C: Various fungal and viral diseases, remedy for general development

A 1.5 g glass vial contains approximately 150 pellets.