Terrateck Wheel Weeder - 11” wide

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Terrateck Wheel Weeder - 11” wide

The wheel weeder for organic weeding is designed for early, efficient weeding. The tool consists of a wheel that bring plantlets up to the soil’s surface, as well as a blade that cuts them. It is effective for weeds from thread stage up to 4" tall. The wheel weeder is used in pushing-through operation, as opposed to the hoe that works in pull/push. You'll see best results when used at a fast walking pace. The 11" width works well for clearing walkways.

Hardened steel blade
Can be used on any type of land and any weather condition, but it is strongly discouraged on rocky land
Tool used in pushing-through operation Useful tool in sandy soil given the projection effect of the wheel 

Lightweight : (8.8 lb)
Long handle with adjustable angle and height
Blade with adjustable angle and height