The Worm Cafe by Paul Bourgeois, Binet Payne

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The Worm Cafe by Paul Bourgeois, Binet Payne
The Worm Cafe: Mid-Scale Vermicomposting of Lunchroom Wastes describes how a teacher and her students developed a system to compost lunchroom waste with worms and save their school $6000 per year. How they performed a waste audit, garnered support from school personnel. Discusses bins, bedding, maintenance, harvesting and using castings in the school garden. Contains earthworm diagrams, bulletin board materials, quizzes, letter to parents, charts, and dozens of resources. A manual for schools, small businesses and community groups. This comprehensive how-to manual gives complete steps for: * Conducting a school-wide waste audit; Incorporating lunchroom waste-composting into a recycling program; * Determining worm bin size, location, and costs; * What to use for worm bedding; * Recognizing earthworm anatomy; * Teaching about ecosystems and foodwebs with worm bins; * Maintaining worm bins; * Managing food-waste flow at your school or business; * Harvesting worm castings; and *Student success with project-based learning.