• Kusakichi Sickle

    A sickle with a blade beveled only on one side. With only one side beveled, the blade makes a clean cut and slices through grasses quickly. The blade is made of high-carbon steel and will hold an edge a long time.

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  • Long Handled P-Grip Diamond Hoe

    This push/pull diamond hoe features four very sharp edges and a slanted P-Handle design for optimal pushing and pulling while cutting weeds just below the surface. Head: 2" x 8". Length: 72"

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  • Silky

    Longboy 360 12-Foot Folding Pole Saw

    This pole saw, designed and built to stand up to daily use by professionals, can be extended out to a full 3.6 meters using two telescoping tubes. A rubber safety sheath for the blade is included. The aluminum pole is robust, and can be adjusted to any...

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  • DeWit

    Mini Spork

    A small but strong hand tool, the mini spork is the ideal tool for tilling and breaking up soil. Sharp edges easily penetrate the soil while open slits allow spork to slide in and out of the soil. Great for edging and digging in small areas. 39.5"L...

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  • Mini-Mini 2 for Metal

    Small compact hand saw with a 6-inch fixed blade for fine cuts in a variety of materials (thin wood, plastics, and nonferrous metals). The teeth, which cut on both pull and push strokes, have the same profile on all three MINI-MINI2 models. The...

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  • DeWit

    Patio Knife

    Do you have weeds sneaking up in between paths and sidewalks? Remove them quickly and easily with the 10" DeWit Patio Knife. This tool is perfect for removing weeds from rock gardens, sidewalks, tiles and concrete joints.

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  • DeWit

    Perennial Fork

    Dig and separate bulbs without damage with the DeWit perennial fork that features T-Handle to ease the strain on hands and wrists. This fork has no sharp edges to damage and bruise bulbs and roots etc. Pointed for easier penetration. Hand-forged from...

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  • DeWit

    Perennial Spade

    Great spade for raised bed gardening and working with perennials.   Lightweight and easy to work with, its' also a great transplant tool.

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  • Pest Pistol Powder Duster

    Pest Pistol Powder Duster Pinpoint nozzle on this little duster is perfect for getting boric acid, pyrethrum powder, or diatomaceous earth, etc., into cracks and crevices and other pest hideaways. Container is accordioned for easy, one-hand operation...

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