Earth Juice Microblast

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Earth Juice Microblast

Earth Juice Microblast is a naturally buffered plant food suited for plant absorption. May be watered in or used as a foliage spray. This formulation is specially designed for safe & easy application while assuring rapid & maximum plant assimilation. This organic fertilizer assists in rectifying micro nutrient deficiencies as well as to boost micronutrient content of growing mediums. Highly concentrated. General use rates are 1/2-1 Tbsp per gallon. May be used once a month or when plants show signs of micro nutrient deficiency. For houseplants, gardens, vegetables, lawns & trees & field use. For soil, soilless, hydro-organics, hydroponics & foliar applications. May be used alone or in combination with organic & synthetic NPK fertilizers. Tip: One way to tell if this product is needed is if you feel like you've fertilized enough and correctly, watered enough and all things seem right but, your plants still seem to lack luster and grow slowly, this goes for lawns too, it may be that this product is just what is needed.