Grillo G85D Walk Behind Tractor

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Grillo G85D Walk Behind Tractor
  EX27 Subaru / Robin Gas, GX270 Honda Gas, MZ300 Yamaha Gas
Starting System Recoil (manual); Electric start available on Honda gas
Clutch Conical, serviceable, automotive type
Transmission All hardened steel gears and shafts supported by ball bearings, in oil bath
(details here)
Standard, lockable
Steering Brakes None
Tilling speeds
(rear PTO)
Fwd: 0.75, 1.8, 8.3 mph  •   Rev: 0.75, 1.8 mph
Mowing speeds
(front PTO)
Fwd: 0.75, 1.8 mph   •   Rev: 0.75, 1.8 mph
Wheel Size 9hp: 4”x10”x18” tractor tread, adjustable track width, tube type. 10hp: 5”x10”x20” tractor tread, adjustable track width, tube type. (Click here for wheel options and accessories)
Outside wheel track (w/o accessories) 9hp: 17, 19, 21 or 24 inches. 10hp: 18, 20, 22 or 25 inches (Click here for a wheel spacing chart)
Safety Features Operator presence control (deadman switch), Reverse Gear/PTO Lockout (to prevent tilling in reverse).
Handlebars Anti-vibrated, instantly adjustable up and down and side-to-side; also fully reversible to convert from front PTO to rear PTO mode. All controls on handles.
PTO Type Independently engaged, 965 RPM at max engine speed
Method of
changing implements
Two 12mm threaded studs with nuts or optional Quick Hitch
Tractor Weight
(w/o implements)
190 lbs (9hp gas), 205 lbs (10hp gas) (add 20 lbs. for electric start on 9hp)

Price for G85D with 9hp Subaru/Robin gas engine with manual start.  Comes with 4x10x18" wheels

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