Grillo Rear-Tine Tiller 27"

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95.00 LBS
Grillo Rear-Tine Tiller 27"

The Grillo 27" tiller has hardened steel ring and pinion drive ball bearings; 290 rpm tine speed w/bolostyle tines.  It can leave up to 8" depth worked soil, so it is best used as a secondary tillage tool or to incorporate soil amendments. The Grillo tiller uses a wedge-shaped “middlebuster” which has 3 functions: 1) Depth control; 2) completely breaks out center strip of untilled soil under gearbox; 3) helps hold tractor in place in hard soils. This is adjustable to 6 different positions. Tiller width adjustable from 16" to 30" with expansion kit on G85 8hp-110.  


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