Dustin-Mizer Dust Applicator

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Dustin-Mizer Dust Applicator

Dustin-Mizer successfully applies organic insecticides and insecticide dusts which are often difficult to handle. It is big enough and powerful enough for flower gardens, vegetable gardens and small fruit trees. Dustin-Mizer is the only duster for gardeners that dusts effectively -- even when pointed up. Designed for spreading fine particles such as diatomaceous earth and sulfur, the Dustin Mizer has a patented venturi action which assures even distribution. Made of high-impact polystyrene plastic and stainless steel and holds one pound of material. Years of trouble-free service. Lightweight, high-impact polystyrene plastic housing. Non-corrosive and chemically inert parts withstand ozone and sunshine. Delrin gear system. Hopper capacity is approximately 1 lb. 16-inch discharge tube, 26 1/2-inch overall length. Shipping weight is 3 lbs. No Messy Chemicals. Dustin-Mizer dust applicator eliminates messy chemical mixing. You won't need to drag hoses around or buy high-priced dispenser cans. Simply fill Dustin-Mizer, use it and return it to the shelf. It's ready when you are! **Dustin-Mizer's unique Venturi Action blower uses a high volume of air to propel dust without building speed. **The easy-to-turn handle sifts insecticide and fungicide dusts into a column of moving air which assures even, thorough coverage.**The removable tube easily reaches in and around areas and the optional extension deflector gets under hard to reach areas