Weed & Pest Control

  • Backpack Flamer Kit

    Backpack Flamer Kit

    Includes a 400,000 BTU torch, 2.4 gallon fuel cylinder, hose and fittings, and lightweight aluminum backpack with padded shoulder straps, a padded back strap, and a hip strap. Weighs 22 lb. empty, 34 lb. full. Made in USA.

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  • Protek Net Insect / Pest Netting

    Protek Net Insect / Pest Netting

    The insect netting is knitted During the installation, the insect netting will curl approximatively 6’’ on each side (on the width) Even if the net doesn’t require hoops, insects can lay eggs on the foliage in contact with the...

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  • Neemix 4.5

    Neemix 4.5

    4.5% Azadirachtin from Neem This broad spectrum IGR (insect growth regulator) insecticide kills or repels a variety of insect pests, including whiteflies, leafminers, aphids, beetles, grubs and weevils, caterpillars and diamondback moths. It controls...

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  • BioPlus ProtekNet Insect Netting

    BioPlus ProtekNet Insect Netting

    Dimension: 2.1 m X 10 m (82" X 33') Mesh : 0,35mm x 0,35mm (0,0138" x 0,0138") U.V. Resistance Porosity: 62 % approx. Light Transmission: 89 % Material: Synthetic fiber Color: White Lifespan: 3 seasons Soft and light net with very small mesh that...

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  • Dustin-Mizer Dust Applicator

    Dustin-Mizer Dust Applicator

    Dustin-Mizer successfully applies organic insecticides and insecticide dusts which are often difficult to handle. It is big enough and powerful enough for flower gardens, vegetable gardens and small fruit trees. Dustin-Mizer is the only duster for...

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  • BT Javelin WG (Bacillus thuringiensis)

    1 lb. One bite and they lose their appetite. B.t. kills leaf-eating caterpillars of lepidopteran moths. Slow acting but effective, they die in two days. The B.t. bacteria paralyze their digestive system and are harmless to beneficial insects, animals and...

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  • Pest Pistol Powder Duster

    Pest Pistol Powder Duster

    Pest Pistol Powder Duster Pinpoint nozzle on this little duster is perfect for getting boric acid, pyrethrum powder, or diatomaceous earth, etc., into cracks and crevices and other pest hideaways. Container is accordioned for easy, one-hand operation...

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