Must Have Tools

  • Cape Cod


    Cape Cod

    This high quality, high carbon steel head of the DeWit Cape Cod allows for you to easily cut through the base of tough weeds. Don't want to disturb your mulch? No problem, simply drag the head of the Cape Cod under your mulch to rid your yard of weeds...

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  • Dutch Hand Hoe


    Dutch Hand Hoe

    DeWit Dutch Hand Hoe is small, yet crafted to yield tremendous strength. Hand-forged blade is easily sharpened with a whetstone to keep it slicing weeds beneath the surface of small and dense flower and vegetabe beds. Dutch Hand Hoes are designed for...

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  • Half Moon/ Swan Neck Hoe

    Half Moon/ Swan Neck Hoe

    Old traditional Dutch hoe designed for cutting weeds and cultivating just below the surface. The very sharp forged edges make it possible to easily pull weeds at the soil surface. Head: 2" x 6.25"

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  • Hori Hori

    Hori Hori

    A PMO Favorite!  Hori, Hori! (Dig, Dig!)  This multipurpose knife is ideal for digging, weeding, transplanting, dividing perennials, etc.!  It has engraved depth measurements from 25 to 150mm. Blade measures 6-3/4L and wood handle is...

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