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  • ARS 210DX Folding Saw

    This convenient folding saw fits comfortably in the back pocket and provides ARS quality quick and easy sawing action when you need it. The saw features a Marquench hardened, precision ground, high carbon tool steel blade for improved sharpness and...

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  • ARS 350-M Softbow Scissors

    Description: Easily cuts garden and floral wire. Also useful for thin metal plates for handicrafts. Capable of cutting up to 1.0 mm thick aluminum and copper plates, 0.5 mm tin and 0.3 mm thick stainless steel sheets and 2.0 mm diameter wire. The...

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  • ARS Classic Arborist Saw13" Curved Pruning Saw

    The signature series 13" curved arborist saws feature a rubber-padded grip design for non-slip grip and ultimate comfort. The blade is hard chrome plated for rust and sap resistance, and the teeth are impulse hardened for maximum strength and durability...

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  • ARS Professional Pruning SawCAM-24PRO

    Now available with longer blades and new handle design! The top-of-the-line PRO series features top quality precision ground blade which is hard chrome plated to resist sap buildup. The teeth are impulse hardened for maximum strength and durability, and...

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  • BCS Log Splitter

    NOTE: The Log Splitter requires the Power Cradle accessory to multiply the PTO speed. Log splitting has never been so easy! Drive your splitter to the wood pile with this highly efficient attachment made by Wallenstein, the premier Canadian manufacturer...

  • CobraHead Weeder 60"

    This is absolutely our favorite tool for weeding garlic and other closely planted crops with ease. The long handle makes quick work of weeding, cultivating and making seed furrows. Cobrahead has constructed long handled weeding tools that any gardener...

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  • DeWit Comby 2-Tine Cultivator Hoe

    Made of hardened boron Steel with a tubular Steel handle and ergonomic soft grip Strong and durable tines break up clay/soil before planting and loosen soil for easy weed removal Guaranteed a lifetime   13.7 x 1.9 x 1.9 inches

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  • DeWit Comby Wide Edge Chopping Hoe

    Made of hardened boron Steel with a tubular Steel handle and ergonomic soft grip Wide edge hoe makes easy work of cleaning borders, removing old weed growth and breaking up soil for new planting Perfect tool to dig, break and rake! Guaranteed to last...

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  • DeWit Drop Grip Hand Plow

    A handy mini-furrow opening for planting seeds Great for use in raised beds Can also be used to cultivate and break up soil Head: 5”L x 6.3"W Total: 22.4”L; 0.9lb

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  • DeWit Dutch Digging Fork

    Great for digging and working up gardens and flower beds Sharp boron steel makes it easy to slide into soil with little effort So many uses - digging, aerating, lifting and turning soil! Strong yet lightweight with unrivaled Dutch-made quality. All...

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