Small Hand Tools

  • Bachi Hoe starting from

    The Bachi Hoe is a strong heavy ended Japanese hoe perfect for clearing out a spot for bulbs, shrubs and potted plants. It breakings up tough soil and gets the ground ready for planting. A farmer favorite and loved by...

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  • CobraHead

    CobraHead Weeder and Cultivator

    This little tool weeds, cultivates, scalps, edges,  digs, furrows, plants, and harvest with ease.  This is one of our favorite hand tools for weeding.  Very comfortable to use.  Made of quality materials in the US.  Highly...

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  • Kusakichi Sickle

    A sickle with a blade beveled only on one side. With only one side beveled, the blade makes a clean cut and slices through grasses quickly. The blade is made of high-carbon steel and will hold an edge a long time.

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  • Saboten Harvest Scissors

    Compact harvesting scissors. The ring-shaped handle allows use of both hands while keeping the scissors in your hand. Works well for harvesting and cutting small branches. The blade is made out of high-carbon steel  and comes with a slightly angled...

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  • Seikouba Sickle starting from

    High quality, hand forged grass sickles. The blade is made of soft iron laminated to high-carbon steel. Handles are made of Japanese white oak. There are two different blade sizes available: thin or medium. The thin blade is light and cuts fast when...

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