• Kusakichi Sickle

    A sickle with a blade beveled only on one side. With only one side beveled, the blade makes a clean cut and slices through grasses quickly. The blade is made of high-carbon steel and will hold an edge a long time.

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  • Saboten Harvest Scissors

    Compact harvesting scissors. The ring-shaped handle allows use of both hands while keeping the scissors in your hand. Works well for harvesting and cutting small branches. The blade is made out of high-carbon steel  and comes with a slightly angled...

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  • Seikouba Sickle starting from

    High quality, hand forged grass sickles. The blade is made of soft iron laminated to high-carbon steel. Handles are made of Japanese white oak. There are two different blade sizes available: thin or medium. The thin blade is light and cuts fast when...