Pruners, Shears, & Loppers

  • Felco 160L Pruner

    Felco 160L Pruner

    Reliable: incredibly light, hardwearing and comfortable handles made of very high-resistance composite fibre / blade and anvil blade made of high-quality hardened steel / clean and precise cut / all parts suffering wear and tear are replaceable...

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  • Felco 5 Pruner

    Felco 5 Pruner

    Reliable: Sturdy steel handles.  Blade and anvil blade made of high-quality hardened steel.  Clean, precise cut.  All parts can be replaced. Efficient: Easy cutting adjustment. Ergonomic: Non-slip coating. Felco's basic model. Good...

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  • ARS 130DX Precision Pocket Secateur

    ARS 130DX Precision Pocket Secateur

    Lightweight by-pass pruner ideal for pruning twigs and medium sized stems as well as flowers and shrubs. The precision ground blades are Marquench hardened for the best steel structure and durable cutting performance. Hard chrome plating provides extra...

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  • ARS 350-M Softbow Scissors

    ARS 350-M Softbow Scissors

    Description: Easily cuts garden and floral wire. Also useful for thin metal plates for handicrafts. Capable of cutting up to 1.0 mm thick aluminum and copper plates, 0.5 mm tin and 0.3 mm thick stainless steel sheets and 2.0 mm diameter wire. The...

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  • ARS Needle Nose Stainless Steel Gardening Pruner

    ARS Needle Nose Stainless Steel Gardening Pruner

    Pruning flowers, vegetables and fruit are just a few garden pruning and cutting activities you’ll find these needle nose pruners handy for. The long needle nose end makes it easy to reach into your plants and the hardened sharp carbon steel blades...

  • Felco 310 Thinning Shear

    Felco 310 Thinning Shear

    Picking and trimming snips equipped with two long, slender tab-notched blades which ensure easy access to vines that require pruning and fruits that need picking, for example, bunches of grapes.