Green Living

  • A Wood of Our Own by Julian Evans

    Author Julian Evans has worked with woodlands for twenty-five years and was the UK Forestry Commission's Chief Research Officer for much of this time. In 1985 he decided to buy his own small wood in North Hampshire, fulfilling every forester's...

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  • Basic Country Skills by John Storey

    564 pages. Yearning for a more self-reliant life? You'll find the answers here! From rewiring an old house to small-scale farming, cidering to solar power, this book will get you started and keep you going, whether your escaping for a season or for...

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  • Building Green by Clarke Snell

    615 pages. An alternative or green home is built with an understanding of how the specific site can match the owner_s needs and result in a dwelling that is attractive and environmentally responsible. Lively and detailed writing, plus more than 1200...

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  • Chelsea Green

    Going to Green Curriculum by Harry Wiland

    This unique learning resource combines an integrated, detailed academic curriculum with service-based learning activities to educate, inspire, and empower citizen learners to build greener and healthier communities.

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  • Green Guide by Green Guide Magazine

    447 pages. Paper or plastic? Conventional or organic? How do you make decisions that are smart for the family _ and good for the planet? The Green Guide is here to help, with all the concepts and choices you need for Earth-conscious living. Presented in...

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  • Green Living by E/The Environmental Magazine

    320 Pages. Maintain a healthy home and planet-friendly car, go organic and avoid genetically modified food. Make socially responsible investments and avoid damaging chemicals. A good reference for neophyte as well as experienced environmentalist...

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  • Chelsea Green

    Green Living Handbook by David Gershon

    Now, in an expanded edition, Green Living Handbook (originally called EcoTeam) is available to the trade for the first time. The original book has been translated into 22 languages, and with more than 250,000 copies sold through its unique grassroots...

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