Long Handle Tools

  • DeWit

    4 Tine Digging Fork

    The Dewit Digging Fork is one of our favorite tools.  It is a great adjunct to help satisfy our addiction to playing in the soil.  Well balanced and strong. This lightweight fork allows easy soil aeration lifting of root crops without damage...

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  • DeWit

    9 Tine Seed Bed Rake

    Perfect for shaping rows or getting beds together for planting. Get weeds out, break up clumps, and work the soil easily with its 9 heavy duty, hand-forged, diamond shaped tines. After softening the top two inches of the bed, the straight neck allows you...

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  • Coleman Swan Neck Hoe

    The story behind this particular hoe is that we met Eliot Coleman at the Virginia Association of Biological Farming Conference in February where he was the keynote speaker.  He came to our booth and critiqued all the different tools.  He told...

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  • Colinear Hoe

    Four Seasons Gardener, Eliot Coleman designed this model to make weeding easier while standing up. Designed for fast, easy removal of small, seedling-size weeds. The 7" standard model glides through the soil with less resistance than the replaceable...

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  • Heart Shaped Push Hoe

    Excellent weeder. Just push to cut weeds just under the surface, instead of chopping. Straight long handle, made of European ash, makes it easy on the back without bending over.

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  • Japanese Hoe

    One of our favorites at PMO, that gets daily use in the garden. Its nice weight makes it great for moving soils, shaping raised beds, forming narrow trenches and weeding. Traditional hand-forged farmer hoe weighing 3.9 lbs.

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  • DeWit

    Standard "Beet" Hoe

    The Dewit Beet Hoe is similar to the standard American hoe with the benefit of high quality forged steel offered by Dewit. Head: 7.5_ x 1.75_ Length: 74_ Weight: 2.4 lbs

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  • Valley Oak Broad Fork

    Broadforks are excellent for breaking open compacted soils deeper than a rototiller or a spade.  The 12" tines are 2" longer than the main competitor's broadforks.  You don't have to sink them down to the tread bar, but you can.  It is...

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