• BCS Flail Mower 24" (size options)

    BCS Flail Mower 24" (size options)

    The Flail Mower, also known as the BladeRunner, is the heaviest-duty mowing attachment in the BCS fleet. Capable of mowing in the toughest conditions, the Flail Mower has vertically rotating 'Y' blades that pulverize plant material into a fine pulp that...

  • BCS Snow Thrower Two-Stage 28"+ (size options)

    BCS Snow Thrower Two-Stage 28"+ (size options)

    While the all-gear-driven, single-stage BCS Snow Thrower is great for virtually all snow events, the Two-Stage Snow Thrower is specifically designed to tackle “the Monster” snowfalls. It will blow away drifted snow that is feet deep...

  • BCS Spreader

    BCS Spreader

    Compost is a key ingredient to produce higher yields and is absolutely essential as an amendment between succession plantings. Applying compost to planting beds is also a time-consuming job -- until now. The BCS Spreader saves time and effort while...

  • BCS Power Sweeper 30" (size options)

    BCS Power Sweeper 30" (size options)

    Despite being classified as a “snow removal” attachment, the BCS Power Sweeper can be used for a multitude of tasks. Sweeping snow is the most popular job associated with this attachment, but its heavy-duty nylon bristles can sweep away...

  • BCS Chipper/Shredder

    BCS Chipper/Shredder

    The BCS Chipper/Shredder, also called the B-100, is as heavy-duty as it is useful. Attaching effortlessly to BCS Model 722 and up (and Model 620), the Chipper/Shredder is easily transportable and accomplishes a variety of useful tasks. A high carbon...