• BCS Log Splitter

    BCS Log Splitter

    NOTE: The Log Splitter requires the Power Cradle accessory to multiply the PTO speed. Log splitting has never been so easy! Drive your splitter to the wood pile with this highly efficient attachment made by Wallenstein, the premier Canadian...

  • BCS RollerBlade Flail Mower 30"

    BCS RollerBlade Flail Mower 30"

    BCS's newest mower is also one of its best: the RollerBlade flail mower is ideal for shredding cover crops for quick decomposition. We recommend that market gardeners seriously consider the RollerBlade when comparing its features to the standard...

  • BCS Power Potato Digger

    BCS Power Potato Digger

    Like magic, the vertical vibratory motion of the Power Potato Digger's digging pan fractures the soil ahead of itself, and enables BCS two-wheel tractors to eliminate the effort required to hand dig potatoes. The angle of the pan is adjustable, allowing...

  • BCS Flail Mower 24" (size options)

    BCS Flail Mower 24" (size options)

    The Flail Mower, also known as the BladeRunner, is the heaviest-duty mowing attachment in the BCS fleet. Capable of mowing in the toughest conditions, the Flail Mower has vertically rotating 'Y' blades that pulverize plant material into a fine pulp that...

  • BCS Swivel Rotary Plow (size options)

    BCS Swivel Rotary Plow (size options)

    Swivel (reversible frame with 2 plowshares: one rolls to right, the other to left). Swivel version a must for any work on a gradient (slope); it allows the operator to always flip the soil uphill regardless of direction across slope.  Please call...

  • BCS Power Harrow 21" (larger size options)

    BCS Power Harrow 21" (larger size options)

    BCS now offers a 30'' Power Harrow. Weighing 171 pounds, it's lighter and more maneuverable than previous versions. Best of all, it's perfectly fitted for 30''-wide beds with a 28" working width. Combined with newer features such as spring-loaded metal...

  • BCS Spreader

    BCS Spreader

    Compost is a key ingredient to produce higher yields and is absolutely essential as an amendment between succession plantings. Applying compost to planting beds is also a time-consuming job -- until now. The BCS Spreader saves time and effort while...

  • BCS Chipper/Shredder

    BCS Chipper/Shredder

    The BCS Chipper/Shredder, also called the B-100, is as heavy-duty as it is useful. Attaching effortlessly to BCS Model 722 and up (and Model 620), the Chipper/Shredder is easily transportable and accomplishes a variety of useful tasks. A high carbon...

  • BCS Power Sweeper 30" (size options)

    BCS Power Sweeper 30" (size options)

    Despite being classified as a “snow removal” attachment, the BCS Power Sweeper can be used for a multitude of tasks. Sweeping snow is the most popular job associated with this attachment, but its heavy-duty nylon bristles can sweep away...

  • The Power Ridger is front mounted and works best on previously worked soil.

    BCS Power Ridger

    The front-mount Power Ridger, also known as the "Ridge 2," is the ideal implement for hilling inter-row crops or for clearing weeds from ridges and improving the permeability of the soil. The Power Ridger is a unique soil-working attachment as it is...

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  • BCS HD Combo Mower 30"

    BCS HD Combo Mower 30"

    The BCS Heavy-Duty (HD) Combo Mower provides the best of both worlds: a brush cutter capable of reclaiming overgrown areas and suitable for maintaining your lawn. The Combo Mower features a floating deck to follow ground contours and retractable caster...