• BCS Chipper/Shredder

    BCS Chipper/Shredder

    The BCS Chipper/Shredder, also called the B-100, is as heavy-duty as it is useful. Attaching effortlessly to BCS Model 722 and up (and Model 620), the Chipper/Shredder is easily transportable and accomplishes a variety of useful tasks. A high carbon...

  • BCS Power Sweeper 30" (size options)

    BCS Power Sweeper 30" (size options)

    Despite being classified as a “snow removal” attachment, the BCS Power Sweeper can be used for a multitude of tasks. Sweeping snow is the most popular job associated with this attachment, but its heavy-duty nylon bristles can sweep away...

  • The Power Ridger is front mounted and works best on previously worked soil.

    BCS Power Ridger

    The front-mount Power Ridger, also known as the "Ridge 2," is the ideal implement for hilling inter-row crops or for clearing weeds from ridges and improving the permeability of the soil. The Power Ridger is a unique soil-working attachment as it is...

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  • BCS HD Combo Mower 30"

    BCS HD Combo Mower 30"

    The BCS Heavy-Duty (HD) Combo Mower provides the best of both worlds: a brush cutter capable of reclaiming overgrown areas and suitable for maintaining your lawn. The Combo Mower features a floating deck to follow ground contours and retractable caster...