• Aluminum Seedbed Rake

    Aluminum Seedbed Rake

    This lightweight rake will make short work of leveling your worked seedbed. Sixteen  straight 3" long tines are spaced 1.5" apart and the backside is flat to do the final leveling.  A popular trick with these (and the debris rakes) is to stick...

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  • Debris/Manure Fork

    Debris/Manure Fork

    The design is such that by holding the handle at a 45 degree handle to the ground, the tips of the tines lay flat on the ground and it makes a perfect “grass comb” when pulled through the grass, collecting debris in the ‘basket’...

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  • Tuber Fork

    Tuber Fork

    The long, curved, curved forged tines of this tool were designed to actually dig tubers, but it can be used as a deep cultivator as well. Head: 6.5” x 7”Length: 54”

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  • 4 Tine Cultivator

    4 Tine Cultivator

    Unlike the cheap knockoffs in the hardware stores today, this one is virtually unbendable forged steel with a replaceable handle in a tapered socketHead: 4.5” x 5”Length: 56”Weight: 2 lbs

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