MaxiCrop Original Liquid Fertilizer

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MaxiCrop Original Liquid Fertilizer

Liquid Seaweed increases the levels of your plants’ chlorophyll production and stimulates their natural development and growth.  Maxicrop Liquid Seaweed contains a large complex of chelated minor elements, to help lessen or nullify minor deficiencies in plants. It also contains important biogrowth stimulants, which have a tremendous effect on seed germination, root development, and general growth. Maxicrop’s organic sugars make available to the plants all the wonderful properties of seaweed. Liquid Seaweed creates an extended root system giving your plants greater access to nutrients and water in the soil and thus to long term health.  Liquid Seaweed stimulates beneficial soil microbe activity which leads to improving your plants’ natural resistance to stresses.  For trees, flowers, lawns, fruits and vegetables. Can be used for soaking seeds & bulbs before planting, houseplants, and ideal for seedlings & cuttings.  N-P-K contents: 0.1-0.0-1.0