Pest Control

  • Bio-Plus - Protek Net for Garden

    Bio-Plus - Protek Net for Garden

    Dimension:  2.1 m X 10 m (82" X 33') Mesh : 0,35mm x 0,35mm (0,0138" x 0,0138") U.V. Resistance Porosity: 62 % approx. Light Transmission: 89 % Material: Synthetic fiber Color: White Lifespan: 3 seasons  Soft and...

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  • BT Javelin WG (Bacillus thuringiensis)

    1 lb. One bite and they lose their appetite. B.t. kills leaf-eating caterpillars of lepidopteran moths. Slow acting but effective, they die in two days. The B.t. bacteria paralyze their digestive system and are harmless to beneficial insects, animals and...

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  • Protek Net Insect / Pest Netting

    Protek Net Insect / Pest Netting

    The insect netting is knitted During the installation, the insect netting will curl approximatively 6’’ on each side (on the width) Even if the net doesn’t require hoops, insects can lay eggs on the foliage in contact with the...

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  • Pyganic EC

    Pyganic EC

    OMRI-listed pyrethrum-based insecticide! PyGanic contains a pyrethrum formula specifically developed for use on organic crops and ornamentals

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  • Safer Caterpillar Killer Concentrate

    Safer Caterpillar Killer Concentrate

    8 oz. Bt organic caterpillar control that works naturally. Bacillus thuringiensis is available for use in destroying tent caterpillars, cabbage loopers, cutworms, gypsy moth larvae, budworms, corn borers, tomato hornworms, leafrollers, peach tree borers,...

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  • Safer Insect Killing Soap

    Safer Insect Killing Soap

    Safer Insect Killing Soap An insecticide soap used inside or outside, kills aphids, mealybugs, whiteflies, and mites on foliage plants, flowers, shrubs, trees, vegetables, fruits and nuts in and around homes and home greenhouses. Registered in all states...

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