Rooter Mycorrhizae-one pound

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Rooter Mycorrhizae-one pound
ROOTER'S MYCORRHIZAE is a blend of 8 strains of mycorrhizae. Mycorrhizal fungi attach to plant roots increasing nutrient uptake, root growth & reducing plant stress. Trials have shown you can greatly decrease the quantities of fertilizer when mycorrhizae are present. It has been noted that in soils without mycorrhizae, as much as 1200 lbs of phosphorous would have to be added to get the same benefits as soils with the fungus present. It can reduce nitrogen fertilization by as much as 300%. It can be used with any soil or media to enhance organic fertilizers. This special granular form, mycorrhizal blend can absorb organic forms of nutrients and promote green leaf growth, fruit and flower production while increasing drought and insect resistance. Mycorrhizae fungus have been called the orchestrators of the root zone as they create a network around fine feeder roots that absorb nutrients & minerals. Effective for 95% of all plant species and the widest variety of soil and plant uses.