• 130 Series General Purpose Hand Pruners

    130 Series General Purpose Hand Pruners

    Lightweight by-pass pruner ideal for pruning twigs and medium sized stems as well as flowers and shrubs. The precision ground blades are Marquench hardened for the best steel structure and durable cutting performance. Hard chrome plating provides extra...

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  • 140 Series ARS Multipurpose Shears

    140 Series ARS Multipurpose Shears

    Lightweight multi-purpose shears are great for all your pruning needs. The long straight blade is perfect for thin stems, leaves, and grasses. Use these wherever powerful scissor action is needed. The precision ground blades are Marquench hardened for...

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  • 3 Prong Fork


    3 Prong Fork

    Comfortable proportions and well balanced, the DeWit Prong Fork is great for cultivating in smaller areas. Crafted from high quality ash hardwood. Head 2.5"W; Total Length 10".

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  • 4 Tine Cultivator

    4 Tine Cultivator

    Unlike the cheap knockoffs in the hardware stores today, this one is virtually unbendable forged steel with a replaceable handle in a tapered socketHead: 4.5” x 5”Length: 56”Weight: 2 lbs

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  • 4 Tine Digging Fork


    4 Tine Digging Fork

    The Dewit Digging Fork is one of our favorite tools.  It is a great adjunct to help satisfy our addiction to playing in the soil.  Well balanced and strong. This lightweight fork allows easy soil aeration lifting of root crops without damage...

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  • 5 Tine Cultivator


    5 Tine Cultivator

    One of our most handy offerings, it aerates the soil, allowing warmth and moisture to reach the roots more readily. Head: 3.5"L x 3.5"W; Total Length: 11"

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  • 9 Tine Seed Bed Rake


    9 Tine Seed Bed Rake

    Perfect for shaping rows or getting beds together for planting. Get weeds out, break up clumps, and work the soil easily with its 9 heavy duty, hand-forged, diamond shaped tines. After softening the top two inches of the bed, the straight neck allows you...

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  • A3M V2.0 Tying Machine

    A3M V2.0 Tying Machine

    The A3M V2.0 tying machine is an electric tying machine that allows you to tie 3 times faster.  If you have a vineyard or an orchard, you can already imagine why this tool is so valuable.  It uses a soft steel wire that is available in three...

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  • Aluminum Seedbed Rake

    Aluminum Seedbed Rake

    This lightweight rake will make short work of leveling your worked seedbed. Sixteen  straight 3" long tines are spaced 1.5" apart and the backside is flat to do the final leveling.  A popular trick with these (and the debris rakes) is to stick...

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  • Bachi Hoe starting from

    Bachi Hoe starting from

    The Bachi Hoe is a strong heavy ended Japanese hoe perfect for clearing out a spot for bulbs, shrubs and potted plants. It breakings up tough soil and gets the ground ready for planting. A farmer favorite and loved by...

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  • Bio Cultivator


    Bio Cultivator

    A great tool for soil aerating and cultivating work. This cultivator and aerator by DeWit has a contemporary design and is made from one piece stamped steel. It's small but strong and works great in hard to reach places. Length is 13 inches with a head...

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