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  • BCS Brush mower 32”

    The BCS Brush Mower is the weapon of choice for people who want a non-manicured lawn to have a lawn-like appearance. Mowing anything it can bend, the Brush Mower is a perfect solution for those areas that four-wheel tractors can't mow—across steep...

  • BCS Rotary Plow

    This unique attachment is world-renowned for its superior performance, versatility and easy handling. Designed by the Berta Franco Company in Italy and recently nicknamed the "Groundblaster", the Rotary Plow accomplishes a multitude of tasks efficiently...

  • Berta

    Berta Rotary Plow-Reversible

    The ultimate tool for breaking sod; leaves 10-12" of worked soil in a single pass! It's like plowing and discing in one operation. Side discharge design can be used to build raised beds and power hilling. Excellent for turning in cover crops...

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  • Grillo

    Flail Mower

    Horizontally-mounted drum has multiple hinged blades that pulverize up to 3/4" woody growth like a chipper/shredder on wheels.  These super heavy duty mowers grind up material better and leave it more evenly distributed than a brush mower...

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  • Precision Depth Roller with 30” Tiller

    NEW! BCS's exclusive Precision Depth Roller (PDR) is a versatile accessory that transforms the BCS 30" Tiller into a hybrid attachment that combines the final bed preparation and cultivating advantages of a Power Harrow with the vegetation-chopping and...