Antonio Carraro TTR 4400

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Antonio Carraro TTR 4400

The Series 30 TTR 4400 HST machines are hydrostatic, reversible and multifunctional. The TTR helps make all of your farm work easier - from spading to hay baling and more.  The machine-attachment combination can be set up in various operational trims with a high standard of specialisation, performing a whole range of maintenance operations in the city landscape: like tend parks, clean pedestrian precincts, cut grass on motorway embankments, maintain grassed areas in sports grounds and on golf courses, move earth and dig in nurseries and on construction sites and clear snow. 

The speed and sheer agility of TTR 4400 HST in movement, its exceptional steering, its compact dimensions and low-noise operation make this a perfect machine for all your farm chores and beyond. There are high comfort levels for the operator, along with ergonomics and safety, all guaranteeing high-yield work in every season of the year and in whatever climate.

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