BCS Wheel Weight Barbell Hangers

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BCS Wheel Weight Barbell Hangers

Wheel Weight Barbell Hangers are an economical and effective way to increase the weight of any BCS tractor, regardless of wheel size. Adding extra weight on BCS machines provides additional traction, which is helpful and necessary for various implements and applications.

A pair of 8'' steel rods are fastened to the studs of both wheel mounts, and common barbell weights can be installed onto each rod. We recommend no more than 100 combined pounds per wheel.

Compared to the standard Wheel Weights, the Barbell Hangers solution is both affordable and adaptable, as weights can be easily added or removed as necessary for each application.

The actual weights must be sourced by owners--BCS does not sell barbell weights. The diameter of the weights may be limited depending on the diameter of the BCS rim.

For additional weight to improve traction, also consider Foam-Filled Tires.

  • Fastened to the studs of each wheel mount.
  • Common barbells must sourced by the BCS owner.
  • Each hanger is 8'' long.
  • Fits on any BCS wheel size, but the barbell weight diameter may be limited based on rim diameter.