Market Farming Success by Lynn Byczynski

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Market Farming Success by Lynn Byczynski

Market Farming Success is a comprehensive overview of the direct-marketing business, written expressly for those just getting started. It identifies the key problem areas of this multi-faceted business and shows how to avoid the obstacles. It will help the aspiring or beginning farmer advance quickly and confidently through the inevitable learning curve of starting a new business. 

The author is the editor and publisher of Growing for Market, and she condenses decades of growing experience from every part of the country.

Market Farming Success focuses on the factors that are common to growers everywhere and offers professional advice including: How much it costs to start up a market gardening business; How much you can expect to earn; Which crops bring in the most money; Essential tools and equipment; Best places to sell your products; How to keep records and minimize taxes; Tricks of the trade that will make you more efficient in the greenhouse, field, and market.

Market Farming Success is the quintessential "insider's guide" that will make you a more savvy and professional farmer and speed you on the path to success.