Q-Hoe S3 Cultivator 3 row

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Q-Hoe S3 Cultivator 3 row

 S3 cult series, which is small but full of various mounting methods and functions.
・ Because it is a towed weeding machine, the work speed can be as high as 2 to 10 km (1 mph - 6 mph)
 It can be mounted on various machines, from tractors, riding management machines and rice transplanters.
-A rake (wire) for weeding between strips is attached, and weeds are pulled out and killed.
-At the end is an ON rake (rake).

S3 cult is a basic tillage machine for weeding. With the S3 cult as a base, various options can be used, so that it can be used not only for middle cultivation but also for inter-plant weeding, binders, fertilizers, etc., and it is possible to work at the same time, leading to a reduction in work time.
For farmers who are cultivating upland farming, S3 cultivation (medium tillage weeding machine) can be mounted on a wide range of work machines, such as ride-type management machines, multipurpose rice transplanters and tractors. In other words, the labor and time required for taking care are reduced, so that you can spend more time on other tasks.
There are various places of activity, such as middle cultivation of multi-passage and middle cultivation of crops.

 Adaptive field force: 5 to 38ps
 Correspondence between strips : 45 to 80cm
 * The number of strips can be changed by increasing the number of cultivated bodies
   * The hitch can be changed depending on the type of tractor, riding management machine, rice transplanter


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