BCS Precision Depth Roller 26"+ (size & feature options)

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38.00 LBS
BCS Precision Depth Roller 26"+ (size & feature options)

Now Available: The 26" PDR! Just like the 30" version, the new 26" PDR is available pre-assembled on a brand new 26" Tiller or as an accessory to be installed on your existing 26" Tiller.

BCS's exclusive Precision Depth Roller (PDR) is a versatile accessory that transforms the BCS 26" or 30" Tiller into a hybrid attachment that combines the final bed preparation and cultivating advantages of a Power Harrow with the vegetation-chopping and groundbreaking abilities of a Tiller.

Fitted to the 26" or 30'' BCS Rear-Tine Tiller, the PDR consists of a full-length roller that enables the operator to precisely set the depth of penetration of the tines.

  • Particularly useful as a final bed preparation tool, the tines can be set at a shallow depth of 0.5 - 2 inches to mix in soil amendments and loosen the soil for the quick growth of young roots. The roller also gently compacts the top layer for improved performance of mechanical seeders and seed germination.
  • As a cultivator, the ability to maintain a shallow depth eliminates emerging weeds and creates a dirt mulch, without bringing dormant weed seeds to the surface.
  • To efficiently power compost cover crops and plant residues, and to break new ground, the roller can be instantly raised to its highest setting; thereby allowing the tines to till to a deeper depth.
  • Perfect for quickly and evenly burying cover crop seeds.

Curtis Stone, author of the popular book The Urban Farmer, was a major contributor to the PDR's development, providing valuable feedback for its final design. 

In addition to the full-length roller, the PDR features an easy-to-use, quick change depth control lever that instantly changes the setting of the tines from a minimum depth of 0.5" to a maximum of 7", so there's no need to remove the PDR once it is installed. The 17 depth settings of the control lever are in 0.5" increments and include a transport setting for easy travel to and from the garden beds.

In order to assure perfect 26" or 30"-wide planting beds, the PDR includes alternative outside tine holders for the tiller, so that all outside tines are turned inward, and no disturbed soil can spill outside the 26" or 30" width of the tiller hood. For units purchased with a tiller, the tines are already "flipped". For units purchased without a tiller, the tines will need to be flipped on the existing BCS tiller.

The Precision Depth Roller can be ordered two ways:

  • As an accessory to be installed on a 26" or 30" tiller
  • As an attachment in which the PDR has been pre-assembled to the 26" or 30" tiller
  • Two tools in one: A Tiller for creating new seedbeds, and a Power Harrow for minimal soil impact.
  • Full-length roller adjusts tine depth to as little as 0.5'' deep
  • Roller gently compacts the soil surface to create a ready-to-plant seedbed.
  • Preserves soil structure and prevents hard pan.
  • Roller can be adjusted upward to gain max tine depth of 7'' (no reason to remove PDR).
  • 38 pounds without the tiller.
  • 3/16'' steel with lightening holes to reduce weight.