Everyday Homeopathy for Animals by Francis Hunter

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Everyday Homeopathy for Animals by Francis Hunter

Everyday Homeopathy for Animals is written for people who want to use homeopathic medicine as fully as possible in the care of their animal or animals.
Veterinary attention will almost certainly be necessary at times, and the author is careful to indicate the circumstances where professional advice should be sought. With this safeguard in place, there is much that an owner can achieve with homeopathy to maintain and enhance the health of an animal. It is frequently possible to bring relief and to cure using homeopathic remedies alone; it is also beneficial for the animal to be treated homeopathically in conjunction with any conventional treatment that the vet may prescribe.
The main section of the book provides detailed guidance on how to select the appropriate remedy across a wide range of illnesses and conditions that are common to most animals. This is followed by shorter sections dealing with the problems that arise in particular species. There are various practical appendices, including a materia medica summarising the therapeutic characteristics of all the remedies mentioned in the book, information on how to find a homeopathic vet, where to source homeopathic remedies, and a detailed index.