Textbook of Veterinary Homeopathy by John Saxton & Peter Gregory

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Textbook of Veterinary Homeopathy by John Saxton & Peter Gregory

A modern and very comprehensive book written by veterinary surgeons, for veterinary surgeons, and about veterinary matters. The book is divided in two parts: theory and practice, which are both detailed and easy to work with. It is an in-depth textbook of veterinary homeopathy, authoritative and well constructed.

The publisher:

This book is written as an introduction to homeopathic medicine for veterinary surgeons who would like to introduce this form of therapeutics into their practice. It will also be of value to the reader who wishes to pursue the subject at a deeper level. The authors have extensive experience in teaching homeopathy to veterinary surgeons, doctors, nurses and veterinary nurses, both in the UK and internationally.
The first part begins with the historical background, philosophy and underlying principles of homeopathy, providing a detailed discussion of the scientific basis of the discipline and veterinary evidence for its effectiveness. Specific issues such as the theory of miasms, the bowel nosodes and the homeopathic approach to vaccination are also covered.
The second part discusses each of the body systems from the homeopathic point of view. Examples of typical situations encountered in practice are given throughout, with an explanation of how remedies from the homeopathic materia medica will have been used to treat them. In addition there are chapters on the homeopathic management of behavioural problems, neoplasia and the geriatric patient.

The target reader is the veterinary surgeon who wishes to use homeopathic medicine in their practice. there will be a secondary market in commercial farming and breeding, as well as among the owners of companion animals.